Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Current Obsession: Rachel Khoo

Hi all,

Do you know Rachel Khoo? If you don't know, you should watch this video:
Aaaaaaaa.... she's so pretty right? *die

I'm currently obsessed with her. She's so beautiful and can cook well of course.
Rachel Khoo is a celebrity chef. She was born in London. She took a pastry course in Paris, and now she's a famous chef who has her own TV show on BBC Food and also a recipe book writer. She also likes to draw. It sounds like I stalk her a lot, oh yes I am! =D I buy her books, I follow her instagram, I visit her website almost everyday. Maybe if I am a male, I will go to French and ask her to marry me HAHA.
Why I love her so much?
- First, she's a natural beauty. In some of her videos, it seems like she doesn't believe in diet =D So do I!
- Second, she inspires me to enjoy every food that we eat, especially if we cook it by ourselves.
- She also teaches me not to scare with fat, because it's delicious, and by the way, YOLO! You Only Live Once =D So, let's eat much much full fat cheese, butter and cream!!! LOL
- Her retro style!! And those solid color lipstick, and her bangs, and her cute accent ^^
- Her "ordinary" little kitchen. It's a bit messy but artistic at the same time, hehe..
- Her recipes lah of course! Those all look delicious.. =q
- Her illustrations and instagram snapshots
Deliciousness and cuteness overload on her instagram:
These are two of her books that I have:
I'll write these books review later ^^

Because of her, I was motivated to start cooking. Hehe.. I plan to try some recipes from her book but I don't have any oven yet right now. Okay next month I'll buy it, so I can start cooking like Rachel Khoo! I'll share the result in this blog of course XD

Are you obsessed with somebody or something too? Write it on the comment box below, I really want to know! =D


Beauty Redemption said...

aaah, yes. I'm obsessed with Laura Vitale. Her channel in youtube 'Laura in the kitchen' inspires me to do home cooking as well! :)

Luthfiyah Aini said...

I love watching cooking video in youtube too... and my fave youtuber is Rosanna pansino.. she combined cooking and gaming.. and she has recipe book as well.. owh.. thanks for sharing btw

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