Saturday, November 15, 2014

Epic Curler Box Hot Rollers

Hi all!!

I like to style my own hair at home rather than go to salon honestly, because it's fun and quite challenging.. for me.. hehe. So I like to buy try some hair tool products. And now I'm going to share the latest hair tool that I bought at Watsons, as written on the title, it's Hot Rollers:
The brand is Epic Curler Box. This purple electric hair tool is quite heavy and bulky, suitable for using at home only. 
The tool has metal cylinders which will transfer the heat to the velvet roller.
The on and off button:
Power & temperature indicator lamp:
These are the rollers, come in 3 sizes; Large, Medium & Small (from left to right):
It is made of plastic materials with velvet part in the middle.
This tool also comes with these black plastic hair clips:
and these metal hair clips in 3 sizes, such as the rollers.
These clips are very useful to secure the rollers, so it won't fall apart when we use it.

How to use it? Well, I've made a review video. I also show you how to use it (in my own way XD) here, so you'd better watch it =D
Overall I love this product. It's very useful and time savy. Although the price is quite high (around IDR 800,000), but it's worth the money for a person who loves to style her own hair like me. Now I use this tool more often than the regular hair curler =D

I hope this review helps you. See ya!!

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