Monday, December 1, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

Dear all,

I received these lovely colorful nail polishes few weeks ago. When I opened the package, I really can’t stand to give it a try, because it looks so tempting! =D Who can resist the temptation of these 8 shades of Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel with purple dry flowers inside an elegant black box?
The packaging is made of transparent glass with black plastic rounded lid.
It slightly looks like a petite perfume. But the rounded lid makes it a bit difficult to open, especially if my hand is slippery.

Based on the name, we can guess that this product has a fragrance like perfume. Okay let’s give it a try!

I got 4 solid color shades and 4 shimmery shades, one of them contain glitters.
Here are the swatches of each shades with flash (left picture) & without flash (right picture).
Overall, the colors are lovely!! Some of them are quite vibrant in a single coat (China Flower, Tropical Rain, African Tea Rose & Autumn Spice), while the rest of the shades require two coats. All shades have a shiny results. Don't forget to use base & top coat for for longer lasting results.

How about the scent? To be honest, I just can smell the scent of the Autumn Spice when I open the bottle. The other shades smell like regular nail polish, which is so strong. I try to shake it before use several times, I still could not smell the perfume scent that I expected.. Then I googling.. and finally find the answer! I should let it dry first, then the scent will appear. And yes it is! Most of them has a very light fragrance, except the Autumn Spice.

I think this nail polish is quite good for daily use, especially if we want to boost up our mood with its vibrant color and light fragrance =) It's also quite affordable, only IDR 45,000/bottle.

That's all my review, I hope it's useful for you =)

See ya! ^^


Xiao Vee said...

warnanya bagusss2 kak *-*
jadi ngiler jg sama nail polish yg scented kayak gini, biasanya aku ga suka pake nail polish krn baunya yang ga enak XDD

thanks for sharing :D
☆ ☆

RMMZZTY said...

Autumn Spice sama Wintermint nya lucuu warnanya :3

Unknown said...

Huaa,aku baru punya 2 warna,so far suka sih wanginya soalnya gak nyengat mengganggu kaya kuteks lain.nice review

Daisy Maora said...

Nice Kak, jadi pengin coba. Oiyaaa kak ada app utk curhat anonim namanya Legatalk udah pernah coba belom? Aku lagi ketagihan scrolling timelinenya hahaha coba deh.

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