Saturday, December 6, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick – Neon Red and Neon Pink Review

Hi all!!

Year end is just around the corner. Have you recapitulate your 2014 resolutions and make the new ones for 2015? =D Okay.. beside thinking about that, you also have to prepare your year end plan too. Whether you will gather with family, or attend the year-end party with friends? If you choose the second option,  I have something that might be useful for that special day.. Yup, Year-End Party Makeup Look Tutorial!! ^^ This time I'm using Maybelline New York products.

Before sharing the makeup tutorial, here I will share my review of Maybelline Color Show Lipstick that I used for this look. Here they are:
The tube is made of black sleek plastic with a colored part in the middle. The color represents the actual color inside.
I got two shades; Neon Red and Neon Pink. What was popped in my mind when I see “Neon” word is..  the color would be so bright like stabillo color. But actually its color is not that bright but quite vibrant in a single sweep.
The texture is creamy and glossy. It glides on easily on my lips.
See? It is not fluorescent-bright ^^ See, we can still use it for everyday makeup.

The staying power is also quite good. The color is still visible even after eating and drinking.  However, I still need to re-apply in a single sweep to maintain the color.

And, another news is, it smells so good like sweet syrup! ^^ Love it!

Overall I love this lipstick! I love the creamy and moist texture, the scent and the  glossy result on my lips. However, I think the packaging needs an improvement, because the current one is too simple IMHO.

Okay.. let's continue to The Year-End Party Makeup Look tutorial. I used Maybelline Color Show in Neon Red =D
The end result with flash:
The end result without flash:
Speaking of year end party, Maybelline New York will hold the first signature year-end event in Jakarta! Yupp!! It’s Maybelline Year-End Street Fashion Party, on December 7 2014. The theme is Pastel Color, it sound sweet right?
The good news is.. you can get a free ticket (valid for 2 person) for this event! You can also get a chance to take pictures with Maybelline’s Brand Ambassador, Velove Vexia.


Just join the 4-day makeup contest on my Instagram.

1. Create your year-end party look.
2. Follow @MaybellineINA and @nonacarryn on Instagram
3. Post your look on Instagram and tag @MaybellineINA @nonacarryn with the following hashtags: #MOTDbyMNY #MNYYearENdParty #SisterCarryna

I’ll announce the winner on 6th December 2014!! =D On 23:59!! XD So, hurry up, ladies! ! I’ll attend this event too so see you there.. =)

Okay that’s all my review and information. I hope it‘s useful for you..

See ya!


Sakura Lisha said...

Itu kalau di pakai di dlm ruangan ber AC gmn Car ? Cepat mengering trus menggumpal g ?


eye make up nya keren mbakkkk :3
neon pink nya cakeppp, beberapa kali baca review yg neon pink, jd kepengen :3


MahadewiShaleh said...

Kayanya kalau matte jauh lebih gimana gitu warna lipsticknya

Semoga ada versi mattenya :)

Dimaz Risen said...

wah boleh nih ngasih tutorial ini ke pacar, tapi pacarnya belom ada huahh -_-

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