Friday, August 28, 2015


Yes, hello!

It's been so long since I updated my last blog post. How are you blogosphere?
I haven't write anything in more than 3 months! What is wrong with me? =D

I notice that some people unfollow this blog, but some others still follow and (maybe) read this blog of mine. I really want to thank you! Thank you for letting me do my me-time. You know, because super famous bloggers usually have many fanatic readers who always wait for their new blog posts. If he/she doesn't update his/her blog in quite a long time, they will ask and beg them to update their blog immediately. Well.. thanks god I'm not that kind of blogger, and you are not that kind of reader, right?

Writing for me is like making a piece of art. I should do it from my heart. If my heart says "YOU SHOULD WRITE!" I will write. Vice versa. I write because I want to write, not because of other people or fame.

Well anyway, I change a lot! 

1. I cut my hair short.
The shortest haircut I've ever had after elementary school era.

2. I love monochrome.
It is inspired by my monochrome cat, Luna (black) and Ashley (grey tabby), and the interior of my room where I stay for 3 months in Bangkok. I also realized that monochrome makes my life easier, especially when I have to choose which items to buy.

3. I have a new job.
Still in a design field, and it's a beauty company! I'm still working in probation period, so wish me luck to pass it. =D Honestly I really love this job and the work environment. It's different from advertising agency that I've worked for almost 7 years before. There's a lot of challenges, but so far I enjoy it. This company also send me to Bangkok to do induction with the existing team. That's why I'm staying in Thailand for few months.

4. I'm not a social media freak anymore.
Yeah. Including blogging. So, sorry if you find out that I unfriended some people (including you maybe) in my social media account. I feel that doing the real thing in the real life in the real time with the real people is more interesting nowadays. And I just try to be.. present. If that's the right word to describe it.

5. I enjoy reading books.
So much. I used to hate reading, especially if there's no picture at all inside the book. But people change. Now I love books, with or without picture.

6. I will not write about beauty topic anymore.
With a lot of consideration, I decide to stop. I want to thank everyone/company whose still sending me beauty event invitation and offering me your products for review purpose. There's a lot of talented Indonesian beauty blogger nowadays, go approach them! =D But I still open to collaborate with photographer/media/individual as a make up artist.

So, are you going to stop blogging Carryn?

I will write about any topics bout beauty.

7. I'm so into cooking and DIY lately.
Maybe it can be the next topics in this blog. Let's see.. =)

Life is full of good things and great moments. I will try to capture it in my mind and write it more in this blog in the future.

Okay that's all. See you in the next post!

- c -


NiaNastiti said...

Cant wait for your next post ;)

sf said...

I write because I want to write.
That's it!

Whoa cooking and diy \( ^w^ ) /

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